March 3-May 19 (with a break for Easter, April 21). Classes begin at 9 a.m.


Everyone is welcome to attend a class.

  • “Studies from Joshua”

    Led by Chuck Hlavaty

    Through 11 lessons we will look at Joshua and the Children of Israel. This was perhaps the most devoted society toward God in the Old Testament, yet their children knew not the Lord! We will explore their experiences and choices; God’s promises, training, and encouragements; and the consequences of choices they made. Each lesson is relevant toward strengthening our walk through the years of our lives in order to more fully enjoy our “Promised Land” experience while on earth.

  • “Suffering”

    Led by Kevin Hartman

    Suffering is all around us, whether we ourselves are suffering or someone we’re close to is suffering. Suffering is a topic that as Christians we often avoid or, worse, get our responses totally wrong. Without a Biblical perspective on suffering and, equally important, a Biblical perspective on God's goodness, we will not suffer well. Based on Paul Tripp’s book "Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense," this class will look at traps we can fall into when we suffer, as well as comforts we can rely on to help us in our suffering.

    This class is meant to help:

    • those who are suffering to suffer well.
    • those who know people who are suffering in order to respond to and support them better.
    • those who will face suffering in their future to help us prepare.

    NOTE: Book recommended but not required for this class. Good pricing available at

Chatham Bible Church

6375 Howdershell Rd.

Hazelwood, MO 63042

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