Adult Sunday School – Winter 2023

Winter Sunday School runs from January 8-February 19. See class specific dates below.

All classes begin at 9 a.m., and everyone is welcome to attend. See children's class details on our our Kids & Youth page.

February 19 – This morning we will hear a report from missionary Lee Whitworth, serving in Utah and Idaho with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. We will meet in the Fellowship Room upstairs.

  • The Book of 1 Corinthians, Part 2
    Led by Josh Richards, Room 24/25 Upstairs
    January 8-February 12

    In this class, we’ll continue to look at the Book of 1 Corinthians, where Paul was writing to a church in the midst of a pagan culture. This will be insightful to us in our current culture as we look at the cross and the resurrection, men and women in the family and in worship, and how Christians are to live in a pagan world. All are welcome, even if you did not attend the previous class.

  • Survey of the Bible
    Led by Clifton Berry, Fellowship Room Upstairs
    January 8-22

    Join us for a 3-week overview of the Bible. This class is designed to help a new Bible reader become familiar with the structure, history and basic themes of the Bible.

  • Women’s Bible Study Leadership Initial Training
    Led by Beth Govier, Room 21 Upstairs
    January 8-22

    Women interested in leading Bible studies in group settings or even discipling relationships are encouraged to attend this 3-week training to help equip you to teach Scripture. We will consider several topics, including studying God’s Word in community, leadership traits, how to lead a good discussion, goals for Women’s Bible Study at Chatham and much more.

  • How the Bible Came to Be
    Led by Pastor Josh Govier, Fellowship Room Upstairs
    January 29-February 12

    The Bible is made up of 66 different books written by many different authors over hundreds of years. How can we trust that the right books are in the Bible, and that they are written by the right people? In this 3-week class, we’ll look at the process known as canonization. We will attempt to answer both historical and theological questions about the Bible's trustworthiness, and hopefully gain a deeper love for God and His Word.