Adult & Youth Sunday School - Fall 2018

September 9-November 18 • Classes begin at 9 a.m. unless noted


Everyone is welcome to attend. Please note that advance paid registration is required for FPU.

We'll break from our regular fall Sunday School class schedules during our 2018 Missions Conference for two special missionary report mornings on October 14 and 21.

  • Church History I

    Led by Pastor Sergei

    In this first of four classes on the history of the Christian church, we will look at the first several hundred years after the resurrection of Jesus. We will focus on the most influential theologians and leaders in the early church, learn how the New Testament was put together, and consider the dynamics of the Christian movement in a hostile pagan culture.

  • Coming to Grips with Anger

    Led by Kevin Hartman

    Anger is an emotion created by God, but often misunderstood and misused by many, if not most, people. Anger is not just an explosive personality, as it can be expressed in many different ways. This class will guide us to a Biblical understanding of anger and how we often appropriate it for our own purposes.

  • Financial Peace University

    Led by Andy Warren

    FPU teaches God’s ways of handling money. Taught by Dave Ramsey, this multi-week class presents biblical, practical steps to show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and more. This class starts at 8:30 a.m., and registration is required. See more details here.

  • Controversial Conversations

    Youth Class Led by Pastor Josh Govier, Youth Loft

    There's no shortage of things to disagree on in today's world. Even in the Church we struggle to have productive, meaningful conversations with those who disagree with us. We'll learn how to engage in conversations that dignify the other person, helps us listen and understand, and glorify God in our disagreements.

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