Adult Sunday School - December 2018

Following a Sunday School break for a Morning Fellowship on November 25, we'll have a shortened December schedule due to the holidays.

Sunday School classes and events begin at 9 a.m.

  • December Schedule

    December 2 - Sunday School swap with Grace Bible Church. Elder Sydney White from Grace will lead us in a discussion of 3 John titled “The Health and Toxicity of People in the Church.”

    December 9 - Children's Ministry will provide two training opportunities:

    • Special Needs Training - The purpose of our training is to learn how to interact with individuals (both children and adults) who have disabilities, both within our regular attendees and for any visitors who walk through our doors, and to benefit us in our interactions with our community.

    Who should attend?
    1. Anyone who works in our kids’ ministries.
    2. Our church greeters (a.k.a. Welcome Team)
    3. Everybody else!


    • Child Safety Training - Child safety training is part of the process to become an approved children’s worker at Chatham. In addition to the 1 hour training, an approved worker will receive a criminal background check. Becoming approved is necessary to work with children of any age, birth through high school.

    Who should attend?
    1. Those who are new to Chatham (have attended for at least 6 months) or who have never been trained, including teens age 14 and up.

    2. Those who haven’t had training within the last 3-4 years. There is a lot of new emergency response material now being covered in the training.

    December 16 - Prayer Gathering

    December 23 - No Sunday School

    December 30 - No Sunday School

Adult & Youth Sunday School - Winter 2019

January 6-February 24. Classes begin at 9 a.m.

Everyone is welcome to attend a class.

  • "History of Missions, Part 1: The Advancement of the Gospel from 400 A.D. to 1800 A.D."

    Led by Dave Greiner

    We’ll look at 1400 years of missions history, and God’s faithfulness even through the darkest of times (the Dark Ages!). We will look at famous missionaries like Patrick, Boniface, the Moravians, Roman Catholic missions and early colonial missionaries. This class will be Part 1, and we’ll look at the remainder of missions history, from 1800 to the present, in Part 2 at a later time.

  • "Delighting in the Trinity"
    Led by Tom Levanos

    The Trinity is a central doctrine of the Christian faith. But why? And is it actually relevant to our lives? Can we even understand much about what many simply call "a mystery"? In this class, we’ll study what the Bible says about the Trinity using the book "Delighting in the Trinity" by Michael Reeves. From the introduction, "This book... will simply be about growing in our enjoyment of God and seeing how God’s triune being makes all his ways beautiful. It is a chance to taste and see that the Lord is good, to have your heart won and yourself refreshed. For it is only when you grasp what it means for God to be a Trinity that you really sense the beauty, the overflowing kindness, the heart-grabbing loveliness of God."

  • "Bible Study: A Student’s Guide"
    Led by Pastor Josh Govier

    We’ll go through Jon Nielson’s book "Bible Study: A Student’s Guide" where we'll see that real, meaningful Bible study is not only possible for students (and adults), but important. If you are mentoring a teen, a parent of teens, involved in teen ministry, or just want to be able to study Scripture better, this class is for you.

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