We want to care for you with the love of Jesus, who understands our every need, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Care and counseling are available through the following ministries, all free of charge.


For personal or urgent prayer needs, please contact the church office, your Small Group leader or any elder. Members of Realm can share and update prayer requests with the body anytime through our “Praise & Prayer” group, or with specific groups and individuals on Realm.

Pastoral Counseling

Counseling may be needed in times of grief or even great joy. Crisis counseling, pre-marital counseling, referrals and general counsel to work through life concerns are available, all with the goal of pointing individuals and families to Christ. If you are in need of counseling, please contact the church office or one of our leaders.


Lay counseling with IABC Certified Counselor, Cynthia, is available specifically for women in our community. Our goal is to help you meet life’s challenges in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing you to fully enjoy His love and plan for your life. Contact the church office to learn more.


Financial counseling is available on an as-needed basis. This is an opportunity to privately discuss questions related to personal finance, including budgeting and debt. Contact the church office to get connected.


Free Biblical counseling booklets on a variety of topics are available on the table in the Learning Center. Contact the church office if there is a specific topic you would like to explore.