A few answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How are you responding to COVID-19?

Visit our COVID-19 Response page for the latest updates and developments.

What is a Bible Church? Are you part of a denomination?

Chatham is an independent church with the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are committed to be thoroughly shaped by the Bible, which is the authoritative Word of God. We are not affiliated with a denomination. Our church is led by a team of elders who are elected by the congregation. We also pursue partnerships with other local churches to better serve our community together.


Why the name "Chatham?"

The church originally started as a Presbyterian mission in 1917 on Chatham Ave. in Wellston, MO. When the congregation relocated to Hazelwood in 1967, the name followed.

How do you practice communion?

We take the elements of bread and grape juice, representing the body and blood of Jesus, together each week during Sunday morning worship. We practice open communion, meaning you do not need to be a member of Chatham to participate. However, in keeping with 1 Corinthians 11:20-34, we emphasize that communion is only to be taken by those who have placed their faith in Jesus and are following Him.


What are your views on baptism?

Chatham practices believer's baptism by immersion under water. It's a conscious act of obedience to the Lord's command in Matthew 28:19. Baptism itself does not bring us into relationship with God, but is an outward act of inward faith showing our identification and union with Christ. It visibly shows our death to sin (going down into the water) and rebirth in Christ (coming up again). If you’ve trusted Jesus as Lord and want to be baptized, please contact one of our leaders.


What is your style of music? Do you have a choir?

We worship with a mix of traditional and contemporary music. During morning worship, we typically have a small band lead us in song. We occasionally organize choirs for special events.


What version of the Bible do you use?

We read primarily from the English Standard Version (ESV), and copies of the ESV are available in our pews. If you do not own a Bible or know someone who needs one, please take one of the pew Bibles as our gift to you.


Is your building handicap accessible?

Yes. We have flat entries to both the Learning Center and Worship Center. We also have a lift accessible in the gym enabling those who cannot use stairs to reach the Learning Center's second level.


Can I have my wedding at Chatham?

Please see our Wedding Policy page. Weddings must be booked a minimum of 6 months in advance, and you will need to contact the church office to verify available dates.


How many people does your Worship Center accommodate?

The Worship Center seats 49 per side in the balconies and approximately 250 comfortably on the floor.


How many people does your gym accommodate for special events?

Our gym can hold 440 individuals with chairs only or 250 with tables and chairs.