Fundraising & Recycling

We have a few simple ways you can provide a little extra support for Chatham, plus opportunities to help us care for God’s creation.


GoodSearch / GoodShop

Chatham can earn funds when you search the internet with GoodSearch or shop using GoodShop. Simply designate Chatham as your supported organization.

Community & Missionary Support

Learn about ways to support other organizations and missionaries on our Outreach page.


Charity Clothing Pickup

Charity Clothing Pickup pays us for your clothing and linen donations. Gather your unwanted clothing, belts, purses, towels and more into 13 gallon or smaller trash bags and drop them in the tan clothing donation box on the parking lot. Items should be unbreakable and in reusable condition. Donations are tax deductible.

NOTE: Please do not leave any items outside of the collection bins.

Paper Recycling

Please note: We are not receiving funds for paper recycling at this time.

Our yellow and green recycling dumpster can accept clean and dry items as follows:

  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Mail and catalogs
  • Office and school paper
  • Envelopes, even with windows
  • Books and phone books
  • Cardboard and paperboard (please do not bring from home)

NO food wraps, tissue products or items with food waste allowed.


NOTE: Please properly dispose of the following, as these items cannot be recycled onsite:

  • Paper towels or tissue (non-recyclable)
  • Laminated paper (non-recyclable)
  • Plastic bags or shrink wrap (see
  • Plastics, metals or glass of any kind
  • Styrafoam products
  • Batteries or electronics (do not place in trash receptacles due to fire hazard)
  • Food residue or waste

Feel free to contact Sarah in the church office for details about other area recycling opportunities.